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This page is dedicated to those health freaks to give them information about Gelato, its nothing else then a collection of articles from all around the world.....

1 cup of gelato of: Calories
Hazelnut 200
Chocolate 198
Coffee 175
Mint 165
Fruits less then 100

table with the calorie values by flavor of gelato

Slim Down With Ice Cream Diet?

Magazine Includes Ice Cream With Low-Fat Diet

POSTED: 11:26 a.m. EDTAugust 2, 2002

With all the different diets touted these days for quick weight loss, Prevention magazine has a unique idea -- the ice cream diet.

The diet includes a cup of low-fat ice cream for women and 1.5 cups for men each day alongside a low-fat diet. An example of a low-fat diet would be a bagel, low-fat cream cheese, fruit salad and low-fat milk for breakfast.

You'll drop pounds because your diet will include a total of 1,500 calories a day for women and 2,000 for men, the magazine says.

To make the diet work, you'll have to choose reduced-calorie ice cream -- 125 calories or less per one-half cup serving. It should also have at least 100 milligrams of calcium per serving.

The American Dietetic Association agrees that ice cream can be a refreshing source of calcium during the summer months, but experts caution to watch portion sizes. Although an ice cream cone with one scoop of regular ice cream provides about 120 milligrams of calcium and 150 milligrams of potassium, it also includes 195 calories and about 10 grams of fat.

For extra health benefits, the ADA suggests slicing fresh fruit to eat with your ice cream, or choosing frozen yogurt instead.

And despite this tasty dieting idea, nutritionists say to melt away the pounds, it still takes portion control, diet, variety, and exercise.

Gelato and Health

Lots of health with the tastiness of the gelato. Gelato is good and healthy

In many Countries gelato it is not considered anymore a “unhealthy temptation” but has entered full title in the daily nutrition and it’s also utilized both in slimming and therapeutic diets to render less monotone and frustrating the restricted diet to which are submitted some patients Gelato permits to loose weight if assumed in substitution of other food or other dessert, of which the caloric value is normally much higher

Gelato is a complete food

In a milk base gelato there is everything: proteins, sugars and fat. A gelato can replace a sandwich.

Gelato is easy to digest

To digest a cup of gelato is necessary 1 hour, against the 3 hours required by the digestion of a steak. The proteins of the gelato, are homogenized, so they save work to the gastric juices and leave the stomach quick. The fruit base gelato, moreover contains vitamins and mineral salts and help digestion stimulating the gastric juices.

Gelato is energetic and adapted to sporty people

Sugars, fats, proteins and mineral salts in the gelato stimulate the muscular activity and do not overload. The fats of the gelato are “short chain”, the body assumes them quickly and it can reutilize them immediately, like fuel same as it does with sugars.

Gelato average calories contribution

In diets for a normal subject gelato is advised as perfect integrator of the diet because of the importance of the singles nutrients (proteins, lipid, soluble sugars, vitamins, mineral salts) contained in it, considering obviously of the individual needs in calories and in nutritive principle, depending on each organism and the respective activities.

It is important to be able to choose between various type of gelati: after a light meal and as such poor of fats and calories, can be chosen a milk base gelato. If the meal has been rich of nutritive substances, it is advice a water base gelato.

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